Penis enlargement methods

Woman measuring the size of a man's penis

Not all men are happy with the size of their penis. Some take it calmly, contenting themselves with what is given by nature. The rest consider it a real problem, acquiring a mass of complexes. As a result, self-esteem decreases, problems in sexual life begin. These men are increasingly thinking of increasing their dignity. In fact, there are many ways to increase the penis. The only question is which of them are the most effective and safe.

What penis size is considered normal?

There is no clearly defined penis size. However, a size less than 8cm when excited is considered an anomaly for an adult male. In most cases, the man himself decides whether he has the optimal penis size. Also, it depends on the preferences of the sexual partner. On average, the length of the penis when excited reaches 10-16 cm and this is the norm.

The optimal size of an erect penis is 10-16cm

Also, just because the penis is large enough at rest doesn't mean it will get much bigger when erect. Conversely, a small penis can grow to an impressive size when erect. Therefore, the length of the penis is a relative and purely individual value.

Is it possible to enlarge a member?

Scientists have found that if sexual desire is satisfied by means of a small diameter, the size of the penis can decrease within 2-3 months. And, if a decrease in manhood is possible, then are there ways to increase it? Certainly there is. It is important to understand: do you really need it?

A man has a small penis and wants to make it bigger

There are many myths associated with penis size. For example, there is a widespread theory that a man with an impressive penis gives a woman maximum pleasure. This theory is fundamentally wrong. Conversely, many women experience great discomfort if their partner's penis is too large. Most often, the problem of a small penis is far-fetched, and its nature is more psychological.

Experts claim that it is impossible to increase the penis by more than 30% of its natural size. Yes, and in practice it has been proved that an increase can only be achieved by 4-5 cm in length and 1-2 cm in width. How much the penis actually increases depends on the method you choose.

Penis enlargement methods

  • Extender. With this device you get the elongation of the muscle fibers and the corpora cavernosa of the penis. As a result, a free space is formed, which over time fills with erectile tissue. The method is quite effective, but the results will have to wait a long time.
  • Vacuum pump device. The penis is placed in a special flask, then with the help of a device, air is sucked out of the flask and reduced pressure is created. Thanks to this, the result is noticeable almost immediately: the penis increases in size by 10-15 cm. The effect obtained is temporary. Enlarging a member in this way is only possible with very long use.
  • Vacuum penis enlargement device
  • Outdoor products- ointments, creams and sprays. There is a huge range of such products on the market. The effect is achieved by affecting the tissues of the active components of the agent. Practice has shown that their application is quite effective.
  • oral medications. The action of such drugs is based on improving the blood supply to the reproductive organ.
  • Stretching a load. A string is attached to the patch in front of the head of the penis. A load hangs on it. It is necessary to gradually increase the weight of the load and the duration of the procedure.
  • Massage. With the help of massage, an improvement in blood circulation in the tissues of the penis is achieved. In order for your efforts to be justified, the massage must be done regularly.
  • Special exercises. There are several exercises of this type, they differ in complexity and duration. Each man can choose for himself those exercises that suit him. The essence of the method is to stretch the tissues of the penis.
  • Operation. The most effective way to enlarge the penis. Of course, not all men decide on such extreme measures.
  • Male Penis Enlargement Surgery
  • Folk ways. Traditional medicine suggests using compresses, infusions and rubs to increase the size of the penis. The advantage of folk methods is relative safety. The downside is that the result will have to wait a long time.
  • Injectionswith the use of a hormonal drug.

Which Penis Enlargement Methods Are Dangerous?

The biggest danger is the use of an extender. The fact is that some men decide to wear the device continuously. The result of such a decision is pain in the groin area. And if you do not pay due attention to this, the erection will worsen, stretch marks will appear on the genitals, it will become flabby. Additionally, misuse of the device can lead to torn ligaments and erectile dysfunction.

Using the device with a pump is also unsafe. If used incorrectly, bruising on the penis and problems with potency are possible. Especially when using the pump, premature ejaculation is observed. Be sure to refer to the instructions for use!

Ointments, sprays and creams can cause a local allergic reaction. The first time you use it, you need to do an allergy test. It is important not to apply such products if there is any damage to the skin of your penis (sores, cracks).

Stretching the penis with a load is extremely dangerous. The application of this method must be treated with special attention. There is no need to start with large loads immediately - everything is fine in moderation.

Preparations for penis enlargement in the form of capsules and tablets, if of synthetic origin, negatively affect the cardiovascular system of the body. Also, people with chronic diseases should refuse to use them. Give preference to herbal remedies, they have fewer side effects.

Injections with low-quality drugs can cause suppuration, tumors, and infections.

Penis enlargement surgery also has its risks. According to statistics, only 35% of the men who decided to undergo surgery were satisfied. This is why it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding how to operate.