Penis enlargement surgery

indications for penis enlargement by surgery

It so happens that in modern society, the male penis is the most popular organ of the human body. It evokes a large number of conversations, emotions, ridicule, admiration and so on.

Most scientists believe that the normal length of an erect man's penis is between 12 and 20 cm. Many people probably don't know this, but the size of a man's penis directly depends on the level of sex hormones in his body. That is, the more hormones, the bigger the penis. An excess of them can cause the penis to reach a length of up to 25-30 centimeters. In the case of a reduced level of hormones or a congenital disease of the endocrine system, the penis will be small - 12-14 centimeters or less. In most cases, the length of the penis is 16-18 centimeters.

Modern medicine allows you to surgically increase the size of manhood. Such operations are really advisable only in the case of a low level of sex hormones in the body and in the presence of a micropenis (in fact, this is a medical term), when the size of the genital organ is 10 cm or less in a state oferection.

However, there is an opinion among men that the larger the penis size, the better the erection and the greater the likelihood of pleasing a woman during sex. We hasten to disappoint you, but that's not the case. Indeed, the ability to satisfy the fair sex does not depend on the size of the penis, it all depends on a man's other talents, skills and abilities.

Ways to enlarge the penis

However, even if your penis size falls within the limits of 12-20cm, and for some reason you still want to enlarge it, there are many other ways that surgery is not required.

  • Vacuum pump. The classic version. The vacuum will help more blood flow into the penis. Then you pinch the genital organ with a ring to reduce the outflow of blood. The disadvantages of the device are obvious: as soon as you remove the ring, the penis will certainly immediately return to its original state. Side effects: bruises, damage to blood vessels, abscesses, temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • Weights, exercises of all kinds.Remember once and for all that the penis is not a muscle like the biceps, for example. It can't be trained, pumped or anything like that. But there are methods that allow you to slightly stretch and lengthen the penis. These methods are mainly based on stretching with weights. Such procedures without preventive surgery can lead to ligament and tissue ruptures. Experts do not recommend carrying out such manipulations and seriously question their effectiveness.
  • Tablets, creams and other devices.Absurd nonsense. Such means are nothing more than a publicity stunt for producers. There are no recorded cases of penis enlargement with the help of such drugs and means.


Doctors say penis enlargement operations are not the most popular in plastic surgery today. This is probably understandable given the current trends in society. After all, the main clients of plastic surgeons are still women. But, according to one of the specialists in this field, among male patients, surgery to increase the genital organ is very popular. In addition, operations are carried out not only by people with deviations from the norm according to this criterion, but also by those for whom even 20 cm is not enough.

Surgery can be an effective method, unlike others, which are also performed. As with any trade, there are risks and the likelihood that your expectations will not coincide with actual results after the procedure.

There are 2 types of penis enlargement surgeries in total:

  1. Penis enlargement.The penis is attached to the pelvis by means of special supporting ligaments (cords). Part of the organ is hidden inside the body. Cutting these ligaments makes it possible to see more penis. In order for the ligaments not to merge immediately, for six months it is necessary to wear a special apparatus that performs the function of weighting and pulling. This device is called an extender. When used correctly, it stretches the male genital organ, which leads to an increase in the number of cells in the tissue it is made of. Patients who still doubt whether or not to undergo penis enlargement surgery, I inform you that it will be necessary to wear an extender for 6 hours every day, with 15-minute breaks every 2 hours (and it is forbidden to wear it while sleeping). It is very difficult to fit such a device to tight-fitting clothes, which will make it almost impossible to lead an active lifestyle. Wearing an extensor is fraught with complications such as paraphimosis. After a successful operation, a full course of recovery and additional exercises, you can achieve a 3-5 cm penis increase.
  2. Thickening of the penis. From the beginning, this procedure involved the elementary transplantation of fat tissue into the shaft of the penis from other parts of the patient's body. Thus, the member became more massive. This option has several disadvantages, as the fatty tissue is partially absorbed, the penis becomes lumpy. The modern technique of performing operations to thicken manhood involves the use of an allograft, tissue transplanted from a genetically dissimilar organism.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

Plastic surgery for penis enlargement has a fairly wide range of costs. Such a small price difference is associated with the use of various techniques. The price also depends on the type of intervention (lengthening, thickening).

Possible risks and complications after surgery

Before lying down on the operating table, you need to weigh the pros and cons. In general, the efficiency of such a plastic is 97. 5%. But, according to experts, only 35% of patients are truly satisfied with the results, another 50% start looking for new ways to increase the penis.

Complications include scarring, infection, changes in the normal erection angle, impotence and reduced sensation.

The male penis is a very sensitive and unusual organ. Is it worth it to increase a normal penis to incredible size at the risk of your sexual and mental health?