What are the products to increase a member

The penis enlargement products are a reality, and does not trivialize the fiction. However, for the growth of the penis a single adjustments in their diet is not enough. It is important to understand that the products of the food, increasing the penis, help to prepare a favorable environment for increase parameters of male of child-bearing age of the authority. As well, representatives of the stronger sex immersed in the solution of problems in an integrated manner, by having recourse to several methods of enlarging the penis. However, as practice shows, the adjustment of the diet can bring about significant changes in the field of men's sexual health, that is why the revision of its power will never be more.

Penis enlargement products, contribute to its growth

products for the improvement of the power

This is not a secret that the healthy way of life is impossible to imagine without a good diet. The functionality of organs and systems depends on what kind of food enters our body. By completing the last necessary vitamins and minerals, complex, you can get rid of the mass of problems that are of concern to men in adulthood, including erectile dysfunction. But today, we pay attention to products affecting the growth of the penis.

Experts point out that, ideally, one should look at the food, contributing to the increase in a member, during puberty (12-18 years). However, this does not mean that older men, these products do not give in. The effect will be necessarily, but it is necessary to draw in additional techniques on increasing reproductive authority. An important point will be, and that the transition to good nutrition improves the quality of sexual life. The erection becomes more stable and more long-term, the skin of the penis – more flexible, and because of the improvement of the flow of blood to the penis visually will increase.

So, consider the foods that promote the growth of a member:

The fruits and vegetables. It comes to bananas, cherries, watermelons, pears, apples. Citrus fruits are among the natural aphrodisiacs. Tropical fruits (mango, papaya, and others), containing a large number of fibers, have a positive impact on the growth of muscle tissue. Tomatoes, avocado, beet, cucumber, and carrots have on the body tonic, and are also involved in the process of normalization of blood circulation, including the pelvic area. Garlic is necessary to thin the blood because of the substance, which is reflected on the life of the erection.

The green is a rich treasury of vitamins and minerals complex, which is necessary to the functionality of the male reproductive system. Therefore, the diet must be present at the dill, the onion, the celery, the persil, coriander, asparagus.

Legumes are an important source of plant protein, involved in the process of growth. The consumption of peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils saturates the body of essential micronutrients and vitamins. For example, the zinc reduces the risk of development of inflammation of the prostate.

Nuts to satisfy our body arginine (an amino acid, stimulating the synthesis of growth hormone) and protein, but also has a positive effect on the process of the circulation of the blood. The traditional recipes for the enlargement of the penis will often include in its composition of nuts and honey. Not of little use will bring almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts.

Seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, are a source of amino acids involved in the process of tissue growth. Their consumption strengthens the immunity, has a positive impact on the functionality of the organ systems.

Dairy products are a valuable source of protein, without which it is difficult to imagine the whole construction process in the human body. Diversify your diet-milk, cheese and other quality criteria sour-milk products.

Red meat allows you to control the level of concentration in the body from testosterone. This product plays one of the key moments in the process of building muscle. The men would be useful to consume rabbit meat, turkey, duck, chicken, and mutton, beef and pork.

Seafood is difficult to imagine without the polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega-3. These last play an important role in the standardization process of the cardio-vascular system, in parallel improving the mental concentration. In the diet, it is necessary to pay attention to salmon, and even hutres. These aphrodisiacs accelerate the production of male hormones.

The products of beekeeping have an impact on the growth of a member and the quality of the erection. Studies have shown that in the day just to eat 1 tablespoon of honey, in order to significantly reduce the risk of developing diseases of the genito-urinary system.

Cereals, especially buckwheat, are a source of substances needed to build muscle tissue. Their rich composition cleans the blood of cholesterol deposits, which has a positive impact on its circulation in the process of excitation of a member. And here are the oatmeal has a stimulating action on the processes of the production of the testosterone.

Vegetable oils cold-pressed fill the body mass of the components involved in the proper functional of the body as a whole. Their rich composition contributes to the strengthening of the immune system, and the construction of a process. Helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels, which is important when an increase in the length and thickness of the penis. Men should consume olive oil, sesame, flax, pumpkin, as well as oil-based black cumin.

Chicken and quail eggs contain vitamin b which helps to maintain the sexual energy. In the yolks include vitamin E, normalize the blood circulation in the pelvic region.

Spices such as cumin, cloves, ginger stimulates the suspension inflow of blood to a member. These natural aphrodisiacs improve the strength of the erection, and the member seems to be more visually.

Water is another important element involved in the tissue growth. Drink daily the daily requirement of fluid (about 2 liters), you can protect against the development of diseases, which are called at the bottom of the water imbalance, the increase of the salt content. It is important to remember that the liquid in our body, which represents more than half of the mass of each, which must be constantly updated.

What are the products does not contribute to the growth of a member

products that are harmful

When the adjustment of the ration, it is necessary to exclude from the food, which slows down the increase of the size of the phallus. In the contrary case, the application of various techniques will not result in the expected result. For example, the beer increases the synthesis of sex hormone female, negative impact on the amount of testosterone. Yes and in general, the consumption of alcohol increases the risk of developing problems with libido and impotence.

And here's the fast-food and semi-finished products disrupt the process of blood circulation, so with the time, the erection decreases. Of any kind of flavors, and preservatives disrupt the normal course of things in our body that is the cause of disorders of the functionality of organ systems, including the genito-urinary tract. Excessive consumption of salt leads to fluid accumulates in the body. The following interferes with the blood circulation, increases the blood pressure.

The products, which can slow down the growth of a member, including:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • fresh sparkling water;
  • salty, smoked, spicy and fried foods;
  • pickles;
  • confectionery;
  • semi-finished products;
  • black coffee;
  • the white bread;
  • the salt and seasoning with flavourings;
  • mayonnaise.

In the process of the execution of methods, whose action is intended to increase the sexual member, the man should give up the consumption of these products. Thanks to this solution the body to cleanse it of toxins, improves the circulation of blood, there will be changes in the functioning of the genital organs.

How to eat well for the growth of the penis

In the first place, the food needs to be split. For better absorption of nutrients in men should be about 6 full meals per day. Therefore, it is preferable to eat a little of everything, but more often (every 2-3 hours). It is necessary to focus on the raw and the cooked the food, as well as mention of the receipt of the dry food. The power supply should not only be balanced but also diversified. Not worth it to dwell on the same products, even if the window is not in season.

Properly, change your diet, you can significantly improve the quality of life, which will have effects on the overall work of the organization. As a result, will decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction increases, filling of blood in the cavernous body of the penis, because of what it will be visually more. And all having an erection, a whole different, will blink of the sexual life.

Leaning on the products that contribute to the growth of a member, at a young age can have an impact on the growth process of the sexual organ. As regards the men, for whom the process of maturation is long behind us, it is the right approach to your diet plays a role during the use of creams, gels, vacuum pump, extension cords, made, because that will be created the necessary conditions for the growth of the tissues of the phallus, which is sure to result in the outcome.