Instructions for use Maxisize

How to apply the cream Maxisize

How to apply the cream MaxiSize

In the original packaging to the cream Maxisize a statement of the use of this tool, in which milking points:

  • to achieve the desired results, you must use the cream for 1 month;
  • apply the cream in a thin layer, spread evenly on the whole surface of the member;
  • use the tool you need every day (preferably half an hour before the alleged intimate contact, so that you will be able to get a strong excitation, to improve the sensitivity of the penis and bring in the sexual life of new feelings and emotions, to prolong the duration of sex and get an orgasm vif).

Note that the cream Maxisize does not help to solve the psychological problems, due to the erectile dysfunction. Also if you do not need to wait for a miracle. Thus, if at the beginning of your member in the excited state has a length of 12 cm, do not expect that the cream will rise to 20 see In such a case, you will be able to achieve the increase of the length of about 3 to 4 cm and to obtain a greater thickness, moreover, it is greatly improve the quality of sexual life and satisfy his partner.

Indications and contra-indications

The problem of a small member of key, men of any age and the social situation in the society, and therefore the necessity for an increase of the penis occurs in many representatives of the stronger sex. In such cases, the cream Maxisize will become a real savior. Not only it contributes to the increase of the penis, but acts as an aphrodisiac, which gives the sex of new sensations.

Often the use of the cream Maxisize indicated in the following cases:

  • the lack of the length and thickness of the penis;
  • tending to evacuate;
  • weak erection, weak or short-term hardness during arousal);
  • the uncertainty men in their own forces sex;
  • reduced libido;
  • the lack of excitability due to genetic problems, serious illnesses or metabolic;
  • nervous, tense, work, lack of rest;
  • frequent contact with the negative factors of the environment, which are bad for the sexual performance of men;
  • the advanced age, which is characterized by a work slowdown of the genital organs and the decrease of the power.

The cream Maxisize has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of the components of the composition. To check the availability of allergic reactions, apply a small amount of cream on the thin skin (e.g., forearm), and if in the course of the day did not appear of redness, please do not hesitate to use this drug, which has no side effects.

The formula of the cream is absolutely safe, that is why it can apply to men of any age, even delicate and sensitive skin of the penis. The cream helps increase penis size, enhance and improve the sensations during sex, lifting to the more qualitative. With this success in bed will be a stimulus for new victories and challenges!